​Confidentiality is a key aspect of the counselling relationship. Everything discussed in the Counselling sessions is confidential and stays within the counselling room.  As a member of BACP I am bounded by its Code of Ethics.

In order to offer the best counselling service possible I attend supervision on a regular basis to discuss the cases. My relationship with my supervisor is a strictly professional and confidential and the client’s identity is always kept anonymous.

Exceptions to Confidentiality:

  1. If you or someone else is in danger or at risk of harm.

  2. If there is any child or adult protecting issue e.g. risk of harm or abuse.

  3. If you share information about a future act of terrorism or illegal act.

  4. If the courts instruct me to give information.


I would first discuss with you my decision for breaking confidentiality. Depending on the situations, I will pass on the information to the relevant authorities in cases: e.g. General Practitioner (GP), Social Service, Police or the person in danger. However, I keep the right to breach confidentiality without discussing it with you if it is urgent and I should act instantly to protect you or others.

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